The Tiffin Bark Park is a city owned and operated park with guidance and financial assistance from the Friends of the Tiffin Bark Park 501c3. We are currently updating the website and will do our best to keep you updated through this website and the Facebook Page. Recently, the decision was made to reverse the outside door of the double-gated entrance and we apologize for the length of time it has taken to achieve that. The overall plans for the near future (2-6 months) are as follows;

  • Building for storage near park entrance (already completed)
  • Repair front gate to entrance (ASAP)
  • Install security system with RFID Key Fob gate access and surveillance cameras
  • Install water line from Eighth Avenue over to west side of Tiffin Bark Park
  • Install water fountain inside the park with a hose availability.
  • Develop a core group of volunteers to continue to assist the Park and Recreation Department in managing use of the park