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We will begin accepting Registration money and applications on May 1st.  Register here

They can be mailed to the address listed on the application:

City of Tiffin/Tiffin Bark Park
PO Box 455
Tiffin, OH 44883

or dropped off at:

City Finance Office
53 E. Market St.
Tiffin, OH 44883

The Tiffin Bark Park is currently composed of two fenced-in areas where owners can allow their dogs to exercise off leash. The park is maintained with registration dues.Upgrades to the park and equipment are accomplished through tax deductible donations to the Friends of the Tiffin Bark Park, which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
The Tiffin Bark Park is located within Highland Park on N. Washington St. It is open to registered dog owners between sunrise and sunset daily.
Registration is required and can be done by obtaining the registration forms via online at You can also obtain forms at Edenwood Veterinary Clinic, Humane Society of Seneca County, Animal Care Center, McClung’s Animal Hospital or Tiffin Animal Hospital.

Paver/Fence Sign Sponsorship Form

Engraved Pavers

Paver/Fence Sign Sponsorship Form

Sponsorships Order Form for Engraved Brick Pavers & Fence Signs

The pavers will be placed at the front entrance of the Dog Park and the fence signs will be attached to the chain link fence surrounding the entire Park.

Wait Table


  • Wait Tables are a fun way to help practice obedience skills while at the dog park. They can help your dog better respond to voice and hand commands, and they also help to develop patience in your dog until you release him from the wait position.
  • You may want to try practicing waiting in the sitting position and also waiting while lying down. Try using a clicker if your dog is impatient, and then work up to longer stays.
  • A reward like a treat can be helpful when training on wait tables.

Dog Walk Ramp


  • The Dog Walk Ramp is one of the most popular dog park agility components. It requires your dog to walk up an elevated ramp and then across the narrow platform.
  • While some dogs may easily negotiate the ramps, most dogs will need some encouragement or a treat.
  • Always watch for signs that your dog is considering jumping off the ramps, and be sure he does not jump.
  • Be sure your dog learns to touch the yellow Contact Zones before jumping off the ramp.
  • Encourage your dog to walk under and weave through the different sections of the Dog Walk Ramp as well.
  • Because the ramps are relatively narrow, be sure your dog masters the A-Frame before trying the more challenging Dog Walk Ramp.

Adjustable Tire Jump


  • Adjustable pieces of dog park equipment, like our Tire Jump, provide varying levels of height and challenge.
  • Inside diameter of the tire is big enough for the largest dogs.
  • The lowest part of the tire opening should be at a comfortable jumping height for your dog, but never more than your dog’s shoulder height.
  • This is a more challenging jump, which some dogs may try to avoid. Always start low and slowly work up to greater challenges while your dog’s confidence grows.
  • Once your dog has mastered the jump, try doing a series of Figure 8’s, so that your dog jumps through the tire, then immediately turns around to jump through going the opposite direction.

Teeter Totter


  • The Teeter Totter is a more challenging (but very fun!) piece of dog park equipment. It helps to improve balance and coordination, and is a great confidence booster.
  • Be careful not to let your dog jump off the first time you try the teeter. Practice walking your dog slowly until he becomes comfortable with the movement.
  • Practice walking past the center hinge and wait until the teeter hits the ground before proceeding. You may even want to gently lower the teeter for your dog until he gets used to the movement.
  • Be sure your dog learns to touch the yellow Contact Zones before jumping off the plank.

Lilac Ivory Silk Tree


Drinking Fountain w/ Dog Bowl

Beneful Fountain

  • No dog park is complete without a dog drinking fountain! This fountain provides an easy way to quench both your and your dog’s thirst.
  • Pedestal-style, surface-mount fountain features a barrier-free, ADA-Accessible arm.

Bark Park Bench

Tiffin Bark Park Bench

  • After a run through the dog park, it is always relaxing to sit on a comfortable bench and talk with other dog lovers.
  • This basic bench was designed to be heavy duty, attactive, and durable, without breaking anybody’s budget
  • Several of these benches can also be arranged in an “L” shape or a “U” shape to create conversation areas. There is no better place to meet people with similar interests than at the dog park.
  • The basic Dog Paw Bench comes standard with embedded post legs (as shown), but is also available in a surface-mounted version (anchor bolts to concrete slab) at the same price.

Standard Waste Receptacle


  • The Standard Waste Receptacle is designed, and clearly marked, for trash only (not for pet waste).
  • Waste receptacles from Dog-ON-it Parks are easy to maintain, and help to hide trash and pet waste from dogs, birds, squirrels, and other wildlife.

Pet Waste Station


  • Complete Dog-Waste Station includes:
  • Post
  • Sign and Bracket
  • Bag Dispenser
  • Waste Can (11-gallon)
  • 50 Can Liners
  • 600 Waste Bags
  • Hardware and Instructions
  •  Dispensers are available in both roll and single-pull options.
  •  Bags are guaranteed to fit any dispenser!
  •  Dispensers and signs are screen printed.
  •  Door panel locks and includes 2 keys.
  •  Locks are keyed alike for easy servicing.
  •  Waste can has self-closing, water-tight lid.

Dog Swim


For those of you that couldn’t make it last night, the pool is open again tonight from 6-8 p.m. at Hedges-Boyer Park.

Bring your dog(s) or just come and watch the fun!!!